Deepika and Ranveer singh wedding were married on wednesday morning as per Sindhi rituals in Italy’s Lake como. The photos of newly weds have been shared on social media.Ranveer deepika

deep and ranveer                                           Ranveer and his baraat arrived in boats, dancing to Bollywood songs. The male members of the family were seen in red pagdis while the female relatives wore red and pink outfits.The entry of the bride and bridegroom will be released on online soon.The video showing the couple close friends,family on a balcony at villa.

                             While fans on a twitter set some tags such as “DeepikawedsRanveer” and “DeepVeerkiShaadi” and “DeepVeerWedding”.

Here Deepika and Ranveer were and there parents were at balcony on villa

deepika and ranveer at villa

Deepika new home in Mumbai pictures were released in social media on twitter




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