The fans of KTUC4 are very excited about the next season and now you are one of them. Here is the upcoming epiode about the show. Koncham Touch Lo Unte Chepta Season 4 started in the last week. In the last week, there was a trio of the entire season and the previous season. And the original episode starts this week. And this season also will stream on every Saturday and Sunday at 9 Pm.

For the first episode of KTUC Season 4. The gang of the Ismart Shankar is on the sets having fun with the anchor Pradeep Machiraju. The gang of the Ismart Shankar that is Ram Potheneni, Nidhi Agerwal, Nibha Natesh are the guests. Ram already came to the KTUC two times for the show. These were the third time they again entertaining us and for the promotions of the film ISmart Shankar.

Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta(KTUC4): For the promotions of the season the team has released the 30 seconds video which features his stylish entry and the list of the actors on the wall and mapping and pointing the direction the people who are entering.

There was a rumor that in this season Allu Arjun, Chiranjeevi and Prabhas and features. Pradeep Machiraju and the team of the show was trying to bring them to the show and entertained us. In the previous season, they bought from the Bollywood to the Tollywood that is Akshay Kumar and Mahesh Babu. Who’s is who in the season. Fans are already asking their favorite stars to be in the show for this season.

Saying about the show Pradeep: “KTUC is very close to my heart. And I don’t say this just because I’m the host and producer of the show. It always feels special to be back with your favourite stuff and I’m super excited already.”


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